Platform migration and data driven insights spark business revenue growth

Bagsy's redesigned consignment marketplace allows merchants to sell and purchase with ease. Improvements in day-to-day operations such as automatic PayPal Seller Payouts and easy Help Desk ticket tracking enabled efficiency, allowing Bagsy to focus and further expand into new verticals.

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The Challange

Bagsy was looking to stabilize their marketplace, eliminate dependency on a monolithic search application SOLR, redesign catalog filtering and user navigation, enable modern payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, streamline the customer journey to purchase, and ultimately replatform to Magento 2. Being on a legacy Magento 1 platform, opportunities were limited.

The Brand

Children grow quickly, and having to purchase a new wardrobe each year is not cheap. We have all benefited from hand-me-downs and shared our outgrown clothes with our friends' children. Wouldn't it be nice if there were an easy way to sell those gently used garments?

Bagsy has found a way. Gone are the days of ironing, tagging, pricing, and delivering clothes to consignment stores, waiting for a customer to spot your jewel amongst a rack of clothes. No longer do you have to fluff and photograph, post on the internet, hope the payment clears, and pack and head to the post office.

Bagsy is refining how savvy parents resell their children's clothes. Users sign up online and request a Bagsy Consignment Bag. Fill the bag up with clean, good condition, gently used children's clothes and give the sealed bag to UPS. Bagsy takes care of the rest.

The Discovery

When X2Y first started working with the Bagsy team, the website was operating on a Magento 1 legacy platform. After performing the initial discovery, the immediate next step was to stabilize the infrastructure servers. Bagsy contains over 200,000 products and has very active site users; optimizing resources was key to making sure the consignment marketplace was always online. This was a challenge because search and database were hitting various limits, causing performance declines at random intervals due to high traffic from visitors and bots. We analyzed the heavy data queries and tuned both the database and codebase for efficiency, which resulted in stable resource usage, improved customer experience, and website performance.

While being on a legacy platform, website security was a priority for Bagsy and our team. We've performed a code audit, secured legacy modules, updated Magento 1 to the latest available open-source version, and put behind multiple layers of firewall rules, and implemented country restrictions to mitigate risk until we have the opportunity to migrate to a modern ecommerce platform.

With the marketplace stable and security hardening in place, X2Y began to study Bagsy's business model and users.

The Analytics

Using available analytics data, we found that approximately 73% of visitors were mobile users, 26% were desktop users, and 1% used tablets.

Users / Visitors
Users / Visitors
Users / Visitors

With this information in hand, we analyzed mobile visitor behavior using heat maps, session recording and playback tools such as Microsoft Clarity and using what we've learned proposed a clean and mobile-first design with a focus on user experience and checkout conversion. Mobile Demo
  • Home Page
  • Navigation
  • Category
  • Filters
  • Product
  • Shopping Cart
  • Sign-In
  • Checkout

After implementing parts of the new mobile design, we shifted our focus back to data analysis. By reviewing visitor behavior and historical data, we found opportunities to increase the overall shopping cart value and reduce cart abandonment through strategic messaging, incentives, and the implementation of automated abandoned cart recovery. In addition, we've optimized data feeds to Google Merchant Center and Facebook Commerce to further push product data to secondary sales channels.

For the next two years, X2Y continued to maintain with minimal feature development but continuously tweaking the user experience, purchase path, fixing minor bugs, and providing support to the Bagsy team because developing new features on a legacy platform was not cost-effective for the business. The idea was to utilize this time to optimize the marketplace UX/UI so that when the time comes to upgrade to a new platform, we won't need to reinvent the wheel; we can simply carry over all of our findings into the design on the new platform.

Average Order Value
2021 vs 2020
Increased by 17.52%
Average Order Value
2022 vs 2021
Increased by 8.56%
Average Order Value*
2023 vs 2022
Increased by 19.65%

Between the time X2Y started working with Bagsy up until the migration, the average order value (AOV) has increased by 17.52% for 2021 vs. 2020, 8.56% for 2022 vs. 2021, and 19.65% for the first half of 2023 vs. 2022.

The Migration

At the end of 2022, we were in a position to begin planning a replatform to Magento 2. The scope of work was lengthy; we had a lot of delicate components to build, and data to migrate to the new platform. Using analytics data, we identified two Go-Live opportunities: November through December, and May through June. We decided to target the end of June to launch on the new platform. Between requirements gathering, research, and planning, it took a couple of months to ensure all requirements were captured. While the consignment marketplace was operating as usual, behind the scenes, in parallel, we set up new servers, installed and configured a blank Magento 2 instance, and began the migration process.



  • Infrastructure

    Stand up new development server in parallel with live production. The development infrastructure will be scaled up to become new production at Go-Live.

  • Install Magento

    Install clean Magento 2 instance and have it ready for development.

  • Configure Platform

    Review and update platform settings (sales, catalog, customers, checkout, taxes, payments, shipments, etc.) per business operation requirements.

Data Migration

  • Categories

    Review taxonomy, import a revised and improved category structure.

  • Products

    Cleanup legacy attributes, migrate product attributes, attribute sets, and standardise product data. Map all products to the new category structure. Migrate all products.

  • Shopping Cart Price Rules

    Migate all cart and catalog rules and discount coupons.

  • Customers

    Migrate customer groups and all customer related data.

  • Reward Points

    Migrate customer store credit balance and transaction history.

  • Help Desk

    Migrate all customer support tickets, ticket states, and convesations.

  • Marketplace Sellers

    Migrate all marketplace seller payments, orders, and earnings.

  • Content

    Migrate all static pages, and content blocks.

  • Blog

    Migrate all blog categories, posts, and comments.

Product Catalog

  • Mass Product Import / Update

    Implement a mass product import / update solution to allow admin users to quickly manage 200,000+ product catalog.

  • Product Search

    Implement fast and robust catalog search without impacting performance or infrastructure resources.

  • Navigation

    Implement a flexible and user friendly navigation management solution to render new catagory taxanomy allowing customers to quickly view and navigate marketplace categories on mobile and desktop devices.

  • Out of Stock Products

    Implement logic to handle sold out products through in cart & product messaging, and halt user checkout with OOS products.

  • Similar Items

    Implement an automated solution to genearate related, up-sell, cross-sell products based on past customer purchases and available catalog data.

  • Shop By Brand

    Implement a solution to handle over 5000 brands and allow admin users to easily manage said brands.

  • Unique Product URLs

    Implement unique product URL key mask generation. URLs must be SEO friendly and never contain duplicate URL keys as new products are continuously added to the catalog.

  • Setup URL Rewrites

    Setup 301 permanent URL redirects for new the category structure, map 200,000 legacy product URLs to new SEO friendly URLs, and make sure all other URLs are redirecting correctly to retain SEO value.

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery

    Implement a flexible abandoned cart recovery solution to allow administrators to manage recovery campaigns directly through the platform.


  • Taxes

    Make sure checkout tax rules are in place and tax calculations are per business requirements.

  • Shipping Methods

    Enable checkout USPS shipping carrier and methods. Integrate with ShipStation to automatically sync shipments and tracking information back to the ecommerce platform to notify customer of fulfillment.

  • Payment Methods

    Configure BrainTree to handle Credit Card and PayPal payments. Enable Apple Pay and Google Pay. Allow customers to use reward points for purchase. Enable Gift options during checkout.

Marketplace & Seller Portal

  • Consignment Bag

    Implement custom logic to handle consigment bag orders.

  • Seller Registration

    Steamline seller registration and account approval process.

  • Seller Dashboard

    Implement the ability for sellers to view their store products, sales, orders, and earnings and cash out transactions.

  • Help Desk

    Integrate Help Desk with Seller Dashboard to allow users to open support tickets and request payouts.

  • Administrator Dashboard

    Build a Marketplace Dashboard to allow admins to manage seller accounts, commissions, sellers' products, view business earnings, seller earnings, and initiate payouts to sellers.


  • Transfer Existing Theme

    Need to ensure minimal disruption to customer experience as possible. Rebuild current live mobile theme on the new platform, this includes: header, footer, homepage, catalog listing pages, product detail pages, all custom UX/UI features, cart and minicart. Desktop look and feel will inherit a lot of the mobile styling. Tweaks to desktop UX/UI will implemented in second phase post Go-Live.

  • Transactional Emails

    Implement a better email template management system to allow admin users to create and manage email templates via drag and drop, point and click.

Marketing Components

  • Newsletter Signup

    Integrate with a 3rd party service for newsletter capture and management of marketing campaigns.

  • Social Sharing

    Enable users to share product information via social media platforms with tracking and analytics.

  • Social Login

    Implement a solution to allow visitors to quickly create accounts or login via signle-sign-on (SSO) platforms such as: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook.

  • Sale Channel Product Feeds

    Setup and configure automated data feeds into Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to push product information on the web and tie everything into strategic advertisement campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Structured Data ( and OpenGraph)

    Make sure all products have basic structured data for search engines. Further structured data improvements will be implemented in the second phase.

  • Meta Data

    Make sure product meta data is automatically generated based on defined rules and patterns.

  • Sitemap.xml

    Setup automated sitemap generation and submit sitemaps to Google and Microsoft search engines.

  • Robots.txt

    Review and update robots.txt to manage search engine bots and crawl rates.


The Result

The re-platforming efforts of the X2Y team significantly elevated Bagsy's ecommerce website and business on various fronts. Customers now enjoy faster and improved marketplace search, filtering, cart, and checkout experiences. The website's stability has been greatly enhanced, leading to more efficient business operations. Throughout the entire data migration process, X2Y successfully preserved the original customer experience. Exceptional expertise with Magento was evident as X2Y re-platformed the extensive and intricate website with minimal complications.


Our experience working with the team at X2Y has has exceeded all of our expectations. We were dreading migrating to Magento 2 for several years, but X2Y was not only able to seamlessly migrate all of our data to the new platform, they were able to make enhancements to our website along the way. X2Y are always available to answer our questions and they have a true interest in helping us add features to the site that will increase our sales. We look forward to working with them for many years to come!

Jenny Stickley - Owner -
Jenny Stickley
Owner -

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Next Steps

Successful strategies don't end at launch, they begin.

Our primary objective revolves around optimizing the user experience, encompassing various key initiatives. We intend to introduce a gift registry feature, enhance the seller dashboard, and automate the payout system to streamline day-to-day operations. Additionally, we'll fine-tune the abandoned cart recovery strategy and align email templates with Bagsy's marketing campaigns.

For the 26% of desktop users, we plan to revamp the heading and navigation, while also implementing general UX/UI improvements based on visitor behavior to enhance the mobile experience.

Current Desktop Heading

Bagsy Planned Desktop Heading

Planned Desktop Heading

Bagsy Planned Desktop Heading

Our goal is to grow business revenue, and to achieve this, we have devised a comprehensive plan. Firstly, we will focus on maximizing the quality of product structured data and data feeds while integrating into new sales channels to expand Bagsy's product visibility across the web. This strategic move will also enable us to establish a coupon distribution and affiliate system across aggregator channels, effectively driving more traffic to the marketplace.

As we gather more data, our next step will involve exploring automated product relations and visitor personalization, creating a cohesive and tailored shopping experience. All decisions throughout this process will be based on careful consideration of budget and data, with a steadfast commitment to implementing revenue generation strategies for that will extend well into the future.


Bagsy, a consignment marketplace for children's clothes, faced challenges with their legacy Magento 1 platform, seeking stabilization, modernization, and replatforming to Magento 2. X2Y stepped in to address these issues. They stabilized the infrastructure, enhanced security, and leveraged data insights to optimize the user experience and boost revenue. Over two years, the average order value increased significantly. In 2023, they successfully migrated to Magento 2, preserving the original customer experience. Future plans include introducing new features, enhancing UX, and expanding product visibility to drive more traffic to the marketplace. The partnership with X2Y proved crucial in achieving business growth and success for Bagsy.

Applied Services

  • Replatform

  • Data Migration

  • Web Development

  • User Experience & Design (UX/UI)

  • Integrations Into 3rd Party Services

  • Infrastructure and Hosting

Applied Solutions

  • Marketplace Dashboard & Seller Portal

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery

  • Modern Payment Methods

  • Efficient Catalog Management

  • Customer Support Through Help Desk

  • Blazing Fast Catalog Search

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Customer Experience Optimization

  • Improved Catalog Navigation / Taxonomy

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