Our Values

The core values that every team member is committed to delivering 100% of the time.


We like 0s, and 1s. We strive for percision. Quality is not just a value for us; it's the heartbeat of our work, and the essence of our commitment.


Consistency is woven into the fabric of our team. It's the steady rhythm guiding our every move to deliver a reliable stream of excellence.


Transparency is at our core, illuminating our path as a team. We believe in open communication and clarity, ensuring our work is a reflection of honesty and trust.

Meet Our Team

We are a dynamic, expanding, and highly skilled team that specializes in implementing high-quality digital solutions, drawing from our professional expertise in the ecommerce industry and application development. Comprising passionate individuals, we are committed to our work and its success.

  • Oleg Snegov

    Founder & Cheif Executive Officer

    Oleg Snegov is the Founder of X2Y with an extensive background in eCommerce and web development. His favourite board game is chess, and his favourite outdoor activity is skiing. One of his favourite hobbies is programming and automating solutions for businesses he works with. Problem-solving is his area of expertise, and he's always ready to help anyone who needs it.

  • Mathew Russo

    Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

    Mathew Russo is the Co-Founder and COO at X2Y. He recently moved his whole family across the country to be part of a growing tech hub in the Miami area. Before he became an expert in eCommerce he studied and worked in Finance. As a teenager, his first job was a shoe salesman at Sears. His biggest life goal is to help the next generation to advance in technology. He enjoys spending time with his family and sometimes takes his cool truck off-roading on the weekends.

  • Andrii Cherneha

    Sr. Frontend Architect

    Andrii Cherneha is the Sr. Frontend Engineer at X2Y. An interesting fact about him is that he was a baker at the beginning of his career. In daily life, he enjoys running and hopes to run a marathon one day. He has outstanding attention to detail on all of his work projects. He is passionate about skiing and cycling and tries to pursue his passion any time he gets the opportunity.

  • Mykola Girnyi

    Sr. Backend Architect / DevOps

    Mykola Girnyi is the Sr. Backend Engineer and DevOps enthusiast at X2Y. Before diving into the eCommerce world, he used to sell various electronics. In his free time, Mykola loves to watch funny cat videos with his daughter. He has a Masters's Degree in Computer Science and enjoys working with Magento. Making his family happy and proud is his personal goal. Outside of work, he enjoys listening to and reading sci-fi books.

  • Elena Belaya

    Sr. Quality Assurance Specialist

    Elena Belaya is the Sr. Quality Assurance Specialist at X2Y. She recently became a mom for the first time and enjoys spending time with her son, travelling, hiking, and exploring new places.

  • Sabina Snegov

    Advisor & Buiness Relations

    Sabina Snegov is an advisor to X2Y. She has an outgoing personality and loves long walks along the beach. Her biggest goal is to grow the list of businesses we help and take them to the next level. Her favourite hobby is playing badminton and to come up with an interesting way to improve the company and team workflow. Communication is her area of expertise and she is always ready to attend a conference to meet new and cool people.

  • AB

    Alex Blahodur

    Sr. Frontend Engineer

  • VV

    Valentyn Varuk

    Sr. Backend Engineer

  • IA

    Ivan Androsiuk

    Sr. Backend Engineer

  • Tetiana Korinenko

    UX/UI Designer

What does X2Y mean?

X2Y is simple, X = Problem and Y = Solution. X to Y.

A little while back I was sitting there trying to come up with a favicon for our website I was brainstorming some ideas like 'light bulb', 'rocket', some geometric shapes, etc. something that would capture the essence of 'idea', 'exploration', 'learning', 'problem solving', .. then thought about the journey that we go through making a path as we go along, each unique, in life, in business. A labyrinth came to mind. Do you know the difference between a labyrinth and a maze? A labyrinth has one entrance and always leads to its center, while a maze can have many entrances, pathways, and exits. The first is more philosophical, while the latter is more mathematical. So I've read into the two, went into a rabbit hole, it was fascinating. That's what the X2Y logo is, it's a maze, it represents the journeys we take, the paths to solutions we find. It's dynamic and ever changing just like the neuron pathways in the brain and our minds. It's abstract, yet logical and philosophical. If you reload this page you will see the logo being rendered into a maze, and no one rendering is the same.

- The Founder

Building X2Y.DEV

The Journey

Everything started as a simple idea. Bring growth mindset people together to solve difficult challanges.

You know that feeling you get when you solve a problem, a puzzle that you've been putting together the pieces of in your mind, that Eureka! moment, the satisfaction of fulfillment and understanding -- this is what drives X2Y. The process of discovery, learning, and understanding.


Early Days

Mat and Oleg met in Los Angeles, California while working at a development agency. First as cooworkers on a client project, but quickly became good friends and colleagues.


Company Founding

Oleg moves from California to Florida, departs the development agency and establishes X2Y.io, Inc. on July 13th as a venture to help small businesses with ecommerce and web development.


The Core Team

Oleg and Mat join forces on February 3rd, utilzing complimentary skills to embark on a journey to build a successful business founded on the core values of:
Quality, Consistency, Transparency.

Mat reaches out to a colleage, Andrii for assistance. Andrii joins March 31st. Soon after Andrii's colleage Mykola joins April 10th. Elena joins on May 6th, forming the core team.


The More The Merrier

Andrii contacts a close friend Alex for assistance. Alex joins October 21st brining additional expertise and insights into the team.


The Expansion

Mykola reaches out to co-worker, Valentyn joins March 27th. Valentyn recommends a close friend Ivan who joins September 21st. Alex refers Tetiana on November 3rd expanding our core team and capabilities.

The Future

Our Team

Our goal is to continue to invest in our team. Our passion is in designing and implementing novel solutions, tools, and processes to help improve the everyday lives of people. We are ecstatic about continuing to learn, build, and educate others on navigating our ever-evolving technology world.