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Our experience working with the team at X2Y has has exceeded all of our expectations. We were dreading migrating to Magento 2 for several years, but X2Y was not only able to seamlessly migrate all of our data to the new platform, they were able to make enhancements to our website along the way. X2Y are always available to answer our questions and they have a true interest in helping us add features to the site that will increase our sales. We look forward to working with them for many years to come!

Jenny Stickley - Owner - ShopBagsy.com
Jenny Stickley
Owner - ShopBagsy.com


For several years, the X2Y team has exceeded every expectation ever set. They have made our daily process remarkably easier and have saved us incalculable hours of time. It seems no matter what the problem was, they always came to our rescue. When something seemed impossible to us, it was effortless to them. In addition to their help, they are also very educational and informative on teaching you how they solved the problem. We know we have nothing to worry about with X2Y on our team, which is why we highly recommend them for yours. Extremely reliable, timely service with a professional and charming personable experience, they continue to blow our minds every day!

Gayle Rowe - Operations Manager - Peruvian Link
Gayle Rowe
Operations Manager - Peruvian Link


The team at X2Y has become more than a partner. They are an extension of our company and are committed to helping us grow and thrive on every level. We are two sister companies, both running Magento/Adobe Commerce websites which pull inventory and pricing from our ERP. X2Y has succeeded where past partners have failed, and in doing so, they have saved us an enormous amount of time and money. They are responsive, creative, and thorough, and we benefit tremendously from their input and experience. Collaborating with X2Y means we not only resolve any issues that come up, but we end up with innovative solutions that enable us to provide the best experience for our customers. We could not recommend their services highly enough.

Patricia Kungie - Ecommerce Director - Merrimac Industrial Sales
Patricia Kungie
Ecommerce Director - Merrimac Industrial Sales


CoastIPC has relied on X2Y for everything web since 2019, and every moment has been positive - especially during challenging times. The team is focused on business requirements, understanding desired outcomes, and delivering on target results every time. Their expertise and input changed the landscape of our ability to communicate, and has driven our competitors to try and keep up. They won't catch us unless they too partner with X2Y.

Tim Peterson - Sales and Operations Manager - CoastIPC
Tim Peterson
Sales and Operations Manager - CoastIPC


The X2Y Team were a tremendous asset to our company. They navigated our legacy Ecommerce platform through a migration process, and were willing to educate our staff on the fundamentals of Magento. Couldn't recommend these guys more!

Kyle Lovell - Developer - Analytical West
Kyle Lovell
Developer - Analytical West


Thank you so much for all your support over the years and especially last year. We had a tough moment at the start of the pandemic and you stepped in to help immediately. Your professionalism, succinct communication and attention to detail has made working with you a joy and I will be continuing to recommend X2Y in the years to come.

Marcus Smith - Managing Director - C.H. Smith Marine
Marcus Smith
Managing Director - C.H. Smith Marine


X2Y.io was essential to the strategic development, creation, and implementation of BelaStem. We built our platform from scratch and with X2Y.io's input, advice and guidance, we now have one of the premier marketplace technologies in the floral industry.

Jeffrey Gannon - Founder - BelaStem Marketplace
Jeffrey Gannon
Founder - BelaStem Marketplace

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